2012 Virtual Symposium

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2013_DerbyRidge_4thGrade_WadeDo plants grow better in Miracle-Gro soil?

  • Investigators: Benton Elementary 4th Graders
  • Teacher: Muhammad Bilal
  • Fellow: Clayton Coffman (Plant Sciences) )

2012_Benton_5thGrade_PosterSquirrel distributions in the Benton community area

  • Investigators: Benton Elementary 5th Graders
  • Teacher: Annie Arnone
  • Fellow: Chad King (Forestry)

2012_CedarRidge_4thGrade_PosterDancing in the wind! Making music with wind power

  • Investigators: Cedar Ridge Elementary 4th Graders
  • Teacher: Tyler Simmons
  • Fellow: Logan Decker (Biological Sciences)

2012_CedarRidge_5thGrade_PosterSolar Power! Harnessing the energy of the sun

  • Investigators: Cedar Ridge Elementary 5th Graders
  • Teacher: Rachel Mazzocco
  • Fellow: Stephanie Schuttler (Biological Sciences)

2012_Fairview_4thGrade_PosterEcosystem investigators: The plants and animals of Fairview Elementary

  • Investigators: Fairview Elementary 4th Graders
  • Teacher: Ragan Webb
  • Fellow: Sarah Zukoff (Entomology)

2012_Fairview_5thGrade_PosterFairview weather watchers

  • Investigators: Fairview Elementary 5th Graders
  • Teacher: Brian Earls
  • Fellow: Lianne Hibbert (Fisheries and Wildlife)

2012_Lee_4thGrade_PosterBirds of spring in the schoolyard ecosystem

  • Investigators: Lee Elementary 4th Graders
  • Teacher: Jona Toalson
  • Fellow: Jeremy Gibson (Biological Sciences)

2012_Lee_5thGrade_PosterProtecting the Environment, one rain barrel at a time

  • Investigators: Lee Elementary 5th Graders
  • Teacher: Sarah Croom
  • Fellow: Jeff Dale (Biological Sciences)

2012_TwoMilePrairie_4thGrade_PosterWhat’s in a pond? Water quality at Two Mile Prairie Elementary

  • Investigators: Two Mile Prairie Elementary 4th Graders
  • Teacher: Tiffany Wallace
  • Fellow: Logan Decker (Biological Sciences)

2012_TwoMilePrairie_5thGrade_PosterHidden wildlife: Using cameras to study animals

  • Investigators: Two Mile Prairie Elementary 5th Graders
  • Teacher: Rob Allen
  • Fellow: Stephanie Schuttler (Biological Sciences)

2012_WestBlvd_4thGrade_PosterAnimal biodiversity in our schoolyard

  • Investigators: West Boulevard Elementary 4th Graders
  • Teacher: Erin Kespohl
  • Fellow: Jeremy Gibson (Biological Sciences)

2012_WestBlvd_5thGrade_PosterWind, water, and warmth at West

  • Investigators: West Boulevard Elementary 5th Graders
  • Teachers: Jonette Ford and Denise Parker
  • Fellow: Jeff Dale (Biological Sciences)