The Fall 2012 Science Safari was a success!

Congratulations to our 2012 GK-12 ShowMe Nature fellows for creating a terrific science excursion, “Science Safari: Scientists in the Natural Habitats!” for students from their host classrooms.

On September 24th, 36 fourth and fifth grade students from the Columbia Public School District participated in science-in-action as they visited several labs at MU and worked directly on research projects with their graduate student guides. These students figured out how bacterial infection alters the growth of plants; they experimented with detergent to learn how its cleaning power in the lab relates to the fat content of contaminants; they created landscape models of to explore threats of global warming to alpine organisms, and they discovered similarities between light and sound. During a Science Round the Table activity, MU faculty and graduate students delighted the young scientists with close up views of bacteria, models of cells, techno tools for visualizing fire temperature, and adventures in tree ring science! The day wrapped up with a walk out doors for a picnic treat from Buck’s Ice Cream Place and a chance to enjoy a beautiful fall day.

The students left with a passport full of stamps from the day’s activities, tons of new knowledge, and the satisfaction of earning their scientist stripes!