The 2013 ShowMe Nature GK12 Symposium was a Resounding Success!

The second annual ShowMe Nature GK12 Research Symposium was held at the Bond Life Sciences Center on April 27 in collaboration with MU’s Saturday Morning Science Series and our new EPA funded environmental literacy program, 2BGreen.

One hundred and fifty students shared posters based on their mini-grant funded research projects with proud family members, teachers, graduate fellows and MU faculty. All were impressed by the quality of the research conducted by these talented young scientists!

Projects included forecasting the weather at Midway Heights Elementary, creating renewable energy at Grant Elementary, documenting biodiversity at Mill Creek Elementary, learning where different kinds of microbes live at Shepard Boulevard Elementary, installing a lunchroom waste composting system to help grow healthy food at Blue Ridge Elementary, observing craters on the moon and spots on the sun through the telescope at Derby Ridge Elementary, and more!

The Symposium was followed by a keynote presentation given by Dr. Jeri Janowsky, a renowned neuroscientist and Executive Director of Saturday Academy in Portland, Oregon. It was a full morning of celebrating the 2012-13 year of science learning and discovery in our GK12 and 2BGreen classrooms.

Congratulations to all involved!!!

If you are interested in exploring student research projects in more detail, check them out at the Virtual Research Symposium.