The 2013 Science Camp: Authentic Research Experiences in Action

On August 2nd, the ShowMe Nature GK-12 program welcomed 30 4th, 5th, and 6th graders for a day of science immersion at MU.

Fellows, in collaboration with their co-mentoring teachers, engaged students in their research through authentic science activities aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. Students invoked the scientific practices used by GK-12 Fellows in their own research to assist in a forensic investigation using bone fragments, to catalogue and map an archeological discovery, and to identify optimal squirrel habitat on MU’s campus. They designed an experiment to test if plants “breath” and tested the effectiveness of tools that are used by animals to gather food.

Students were exposed to the scientific process, and the fellow-teacher teams collaborated on their first learning experience of the year. It was an excellent jump start to the third year of the ShowMe Nature GK-12 Program!