ShowMe Nature Science Safari Series September 2013

On September 30th, thirty 4th and 5th graders joined the ShowMe Nature GK-12 program for a day of science immersion!

Students created models to explore how humans interact with their environment to impact flooding, used biological indicators to determine the health of two streams in the Columbia area, investigated and mapped an archeological discovery, and examined the special features of plants that allow them to take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen from their leaves. Faculty and graduate students joined the students for lunch and shared their research through activities that inspired students to see themselves as botanists, entomologists, and conservation biologists. Students engaged in scientific practices used by researchers from diverse fields, and fellows explored their role as educators and scientists.

Congratulations to all involved for creating a successful day of science discovery!

To learn more, read the article in the Columbia Missourian about the day’s events.