ShowMe Nature GK12 Inspires Excellence at the 2014 Ecological Society of America Meeting!

John Nies

John Nies presents his poster at 2014 ESA Meeting.

The research of ShowMe Nature GK12 teachers John Nies, Becky Bowers, and Karla Sommer was highlighted at the 2014 Ecological Society of America Meeting in Sacramento California!

After hearing the presentation of Becky Bowers and Karla Sommer’s (4th grade teachers at Mill Creek Elementary) research on below ground fungal mutualists, several audience members commented to co-author and former GK12 Scientist Alice Tipton that they were now motivated to include teachers in their own research programs.

John Nies, 5th grade teacher at Grant Elementary, shared his research on the impact that ShowMe Nature GK12 and BGREEN programs have had on science learning for his students in a Poster Session on K-12 Science Education and Outreach. His poster drew crowds of scientists and educators intrigued by his findings of increases in student performance after involvement in the two outreach programs. John also helped out with an ecological study of flowering times in Colorado Rocky Mountain alpine meadows that was featured in Candace Galen and James’ Franklin’s talk on climate change. Spending a month helping out his GK-12 scientist collaborator, James Franklin, John showed that meadows where plants ceased flowering more rapidly dry out quickly in the summer.

To round out the GK-12 presentations, Program Postdoctoral Fellow Nicole Miller-Struttmann, described her research on recent changes in alpine bumble bee communities. Ecological partnerships like the one between bumble bees and wildflowers, are the model for GK-12 collaboration, so it is fitting that Nicole is studying their fate in a warming world. Overall, the ShowMe Nature crew had a great showing at the ESA meeting thanks to the fabulous work of our GK12 teachers and MU Scientist partners.

Research Presentations featuring ShowMe Nature GK12 teachers

  • From krummholz to classroom: supporting student success with university, community and public school partnerships
  • Living on the edge: environmental and genetic influences on plant growth and mycorrhizal root colonization in dolomite glades
  • Impacts of a warmer drier world on bumblebee food resources: The view from the top