Data Nuggets

Data nuggets are exercises in evidence-based claims and visualization of trends originally developed by the NSF GK-12 program at Michigan State University’s Kellogg Biological Station in collaboration with K-12 teachers in southwest Michigan ( Students use a subset of real data collected by scientists to explore a research question. Each data nugget introduces the educator and learner to the background concepts, research questions, and the methods that were used to gather the data in order to give context to the activity. The learner then engages in the investigative process by analyzing the dataset and making evidence-based conclusions from the results. The data nuggets created by the MU ShowMe Nature GK-12 fellows are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and the Missouri Grade Level Expectations, and are written within the 5-E instructional format to stimulate critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration among elementary students. [Read more about 5-E Instructional Model]

These materials were developed by ShowMe Nature GK-12 Fellows at the University of Missouri. Data nuggets and their GK-12 Fellow authors are introduced below. While the target audience is 4th and 5th grade, we encourage educators to modify these lessons to meet the needs of other groups of learners and to expand upon what is presented here for more advanced learners.