Maintaining a Vital Resource: A Prairie Burn at Two Mile Prairie Elementary!

burn at Two Mile Prairie Elementary

A controlled burn at Two Mile Prairie Elementary

ShowMe Nature GK-12 Fellow, Stephanie Schuttler, and her teacher mentor, Rob Allen, coordinated a controlled burn of the prairie at Two Mile Prairie Elementary (TMP) on Thursday, 11 October.

The burn was a complete success thanks to the efforts of Chris Newbold of the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), Lea Langdon of the Outdoor Classroom organization, with help from TMP teachers and MU students. Prairies, like many Missouri ecosystems, need fire to maintain healthy habitat for their native plants and animals.

fellow Stephanie Schuttler

ShowMe Nature GK-12 fellow Stephanie Schuttler and her teacher mentor Rob Allen at the burn.

The prairie at TMP is also a field site for research by 4th and 5th graders at TMP with funding from a ShowMe Nature GK-12 Mini-Grant. The collaborative effort between the Columbia Public School District, MDC, and MU ensures that the prairie will remain a valuable outdoor learning environment and a healthy habitat for the organisms that call it home. Congratulations to everyone involved!