ShowMe Nature GK-12 Hosts Another Successful Science Safari!

Congratulations to the GK-12 ShowMe Nature Fellows for another highly successful “Science Safari: Scientists in their Natural Habitats.”

On Friday, February 10th, 40 fourth and fifth grade students from the Columbia Public School District participated in science-in-action as they assisted MU scientists in their research. The young scientists discovered the chemistry and genetics of smell, conducted studies using the circulatory system of a model organism, determined the age and sex of elephants by measuring and extracting DNA from their ‘dung’, and diagnosed the health of a wetland using insects as bio-indicators. During the Winter Wonderland activity, MU faculty and graduate students engaged students in the science of infra-red imagery, the ecology of Missouri salamanders, and the chemistry of frost-resistant frogs. The day wrapped up with Buck’s Ice Cream, and a new cohort of young scientists left with tons of new knowledge and a personal experience of the scientific process!

All told, it was a great day for the students and the ShowMe Nature GK-12 team, and we look forward to introducing more of Columbia’s elementary students to science-in-practice during our next Science Safari in the fall!

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